Friday, April 13, 2018

The hunter becomes the hunted

The new champ
John Cramner and Dewayne Daniels

By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

Former Stride Pro Wrestling Legacy Champion Tony Flood won the Stride Rumble in February to earn the right to challenge for the company's heavyweight title. He and Jay Spade battled in an evenly contested match on March 3 in front of their hometown. Spade picked up the win that night, frustrating Flood who hadn't had a shot at the big championship since Stride's first show in 2016.

Spade gets whacked
Courtesy: Tom Harness
Flood has been lobbying for a rematch since the loss and was granted one after teaming with Wraith to beat Farmer Billy Hills and Spade. Flood made the most of his opportunity and a downed referee. During their title match last weekend, Flood used a lead pipe to render the champ unconscious. The ref came to just in time to see Spade's limp body locked in a sharpshooter. And just like that Flood's dream was realized.

Courtesy: John Cramner and Dewayne Daniels
Now the hunter becomes the hunted. Spade not only wants his championship back, but he wants revenge. Jose Magnifico and Farmer had to help Spade back to the locker room after he was knocked out last week. The physical injuries will heal, but the damage to Jay's pride will take much longer to repair. Spade gets that opportunity Saturday night at Roadhouse Harley Davidson in Mt. Vernon.

Come out and support local indy wrestlers and the YouthBuild Program. Former WWE Superstar James Ellsworth will be on hand too. A meet and greet will begin with him at 4:30 p.m. 

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