Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Keep Roman Reigns out of the title match

Reigns confronts Owens
Courtesy: WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
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As Monday Night Raw came to a close on Labor Day, former WWE World Champion Roman Reigns was told by General Manager Mick Foley he could get into the WWE Universal Championship match at Clash of Champions. The catch is Reigns must beat current champ next week on Raw in a non-title match. I have no idea what the plan is, but I really hope they don't add Roman or anyone else to what is already an amazing main event match.

It's great that there is plenty of talent sitting at the top of the card, but I am not a huge fan multi-man (or woman) championship matches. The tactic has been used at the last couple of WrestleManias for the Intercontinental title as a means to get several Superstars on the show. But with Clash of Champions, I'm content with this match saying Kevin Owens defending against just Seth Rollins.

Maybe Reigns vs. Jericho instead?
Courtesy: WWE
With Rusev and Lana on their honeymoon and out for several weeks, I understand the need to put Roman into a high profile matchup. I'd rather see Roman be used in another match, ideally Chris Jericho. It's too soon for Braun Strowman to get a top tier opponent. Just throwing Roman into the title match will take away from Owens and Rollins. More often than not one of the three competitors ends up on the floor while the other two competitors go at it. 

Keep it Rollins vs. Owens
Courtesy: WWE
So I'm not picking on Roman Reigns. I'm picking on the idea of a triple-threat match so soon after the fatal four-way was used to determine the new champ.

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