Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Describe yourself in 3 fictional characters

Kevin Hunsperger
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There's a new thing trending on Twitter and Instagram this week. Creating a collage of the three fictional characters that best describe you. I don't have the time to research how or why this is a thing, but I thought it was fun and did make the time to create one of my own.

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
I chose Pee-Wee Herman because I'm a big kid at heart. I still like watching cartoons and wearing footie pajamas. I've been captivated with this null since watching his big adventure on the big screen and the TV series that followed on Saturday mornings on CBS. The innuendoes he makes along with his naivete remind me of me sometimes, although I'm probably a bit more vulgar...  (insert your own Kevin/movie theater joke here)

I AM Oscar the Grouch
Which leads me to Oscar The Grouch. I debated between him and Grumpy of Disney Dwarf fame. Years ago when my family took our first trip to Disney as a massive unit, I was given a Grumpy tee shirt. However, I feel like Grumpy is grumpy ALL the time. At least Oscar has some tender moments. Plus I'm a pack rat and a bit of a slob (I think that's reflective of my creativity, at least that's what I tell myself) and many years ago I dressed up like Oscar, complete with the metal trashcan. It was pretty epic. 

I'm so vain...

I round out my trio with Vanity Smurf. The Smurfs were such a huge part of my childhood I wouldn't feel right about not picking one. I was going to go with Papa, but he's smarter than me. Brainy is a little too annoying for me and I'm nowhere near as strong as Hefty or helpful as Handy. While I don't spend as much time gazing at myself in the mirror I do take more than enough selfies. So Vanity makes sense. Plus on more than one occasion my sexuality has been called into question, just like people wonder about that vain little guy.

So who's on your list? How would you describe yourself with three fictional characters? And did I get my list right? Who would you have made my picks?

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