Thursday, September 15, 2016

You don't know Jack

Jack Swagger arrives on SmackDown Live
Courtesy: WWE

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On SmackDown Live this week, Jack Swagger showed up, announcing he'd left Raw and was the newest signee to the blue brand. Since the brand extension I believe this past week may have been Swagger's first match. I could be wrong about that, but my point is he's been low profile for months.

Swagger stares down Baron Corbin
Courtesy: WWE
After running off Baron Corbin, Swagger used the line "You don't know Jack!" It implied he may be undergoing some kind of change, I'm guessing in attitude. But then he concluded with his signature line "We the People!" and a loud pop from the crowd. I hope they're not planting a seed and developing a partnership between Corbin and Swagger.

Swagger is one of those guys who was pushed too quickly, winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Chris Jericho in 2010. The reign lasted less than three months and Swagger dropped to the mid-card status at best. His career received new life when Zeb Colter came in as his manager. But after turning into a good guy and tapping out to Rusev countless times, fans lost what remaining interest in Swagger they had.

I don't anticipate any big things in the future for Swagger. He'll probably win a few squash matches and maybe challenge for the Intercontinental Championship at best. It's a shame too, at age 34 Swagger still has plenty to offer. If they're turning him into a heel again, I'd really like to see him with a manager and try to recapture that chemistry he and Colter had.

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