Thursday, September 1, 2016

Craft beer & Cocoa Pebbles vs. My abs & willpower

I didn't have these together

By Kevin Hunsperger
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As summer fades away I start another month wondering why I haven't found my abs yet. Well, the answer is actual in the title of this post. Craft beer and Cocoa Pebbles were my big nutritional downfalls in August. But it's not just my sweet tooth and developing love for craft beer that has hurt my waistline. I've fallen off the workout wagon.

Got this from Doug Brinkley 
I did the six week Tarzan Challenge through July and into part of August. But instead of restarting the program and doing each exercise for 90 seconds instead of 60, I just stopped working out completely. My logic sucks, I wasn't getting the results I wanted so I stopped. Makes perfect sense, right? WRONG. 

I am still running everyday. I've hit day 124 of consecutive running. But I've got to do something else. I'm in a fitness rut for sure. The good news is I haven't gained any weight. I'm status quo. I want to see results, but really need to work on getting them. I wish there was more time in the day or I could get a better handle on how I spend my waking hours. Oh and speaking of sleep, don't even get me started on that situation. I still suck at that too.  

Stay tuned for the October update and go enjoy something pumpkin spiced. Oh and check out Craftbeericans on YouTube. It'll make me not having abs worth it if you watch and subscribe. 

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