Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cody's tough 'Rhodes' ahead

Kurt Angle vs. Cody Rhodes
By Kevin Hunsperger
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Earlier this year Cody Rhodes left WWE to pursue a career on the independent scene. Up until recently he's been wrestling on shows under his WWE-given moniker. But now word is that Cody can't keep the surname when he starts competing in both Ring of Honor and TNA. Why you ask? Because Cody's real last name is Runnels and apparently WWE owns the rights to Rhodes.

This is an unfortunate situation. Before blasting anyone, there is still a chance a deal can be brokered between the two sides, as Cody is apparently in talks and left WWE under good terms. I'm hopeful a deal can be reached and both sides are happy with the end result. Eventually I believe Cody will come back to WWE with even more fanfare than he had before.

Courtesy: WWE
I understand WWE wanting to keep the Stardust name. But I don't agree with the Rhodes argument. CM Punk came and went with his name because it wasn't a WWE commodity. Dusty Rhodes was a huge star before going to WWF, so by default Dustin and Cody should have access to the name. I understand it's a business and that's the reason behind it. WWE isn't trying to be petty. But let's face it in the court of public opinion them hanging on to the Rhodes name will end up hurting them more than if Cody is allowed to use it.

Cody wins!
I'm excited for what the future holds for Cody. He had a successful match against WWE alum Kurt Angle recently. There will be plenty of buzz surrounding him in TNA and ROH. He was an underutilized talent for years. Now he's shining bright (like a star... kinda). Best of luck to Cody whether he keeps Rhodes and wrestles as Runnels.

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