Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hanukkah Heroes: Day 3

Joey Styles & Joel Gertner
By Chad Smart
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Number six on our list of the top 8 Jewish wrestlers really isn't a wrestler. While he did wrestle a few matches in his career  he was known first for his ring announcing skills, then as a quasi-manager and finally as a commentator. Today's inductee is none other than "The quintessential studmuffin, the man whose wit is more tongue in cheek than a lesbian orgy, Joel 'The man whose phone number is on your girlfriend's speed-dial, because she loves the way I star sixty-nine her' Gertner."

Joel rose to prominence in the original ECW where after starting as ring announcer he wound up as the Dudley Boys personal hype man until they left ECW for the WWF. After the Dudley's departure, Joel moved to the commentary table alongside Joey Styles during ECW Pay Per Views. If memory serves me right, Joel usually wound up getting muscled out of the booth by Cyrus by the end of the first or second match. Basically Joel would show up deliver a clever barely work safe rhyme and then be bounced to the back. 

Gertner in the original ECW
After ECW folded in 2001, Joel made a couple of appearances for TNA in 2002 and wasn't seen again until One Night Stand. Not sure what Joel is up to these days. His services are missed in today's wrestling landscape. I think TNA should bring him in as Immortal's personal ring announcer. Or WWE could bring him in to feud with Ricardo Rodriguez.

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