Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cena's a Jerk! Are You Serious Bro?

FU Zack Ryder

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I missed Raw on Monday night due to a prior engagement. I found some videos of the show online and watched the John Cena vs. Zack Ryder match.  After seeing what transpired, I have to say if there were no story elements tied to wrestling, John Cena would be one of the biggest jerks around.

The stipulation of the match was if Cena wins he gets placed into the WWE Title match at TLC. If Ryder wins he finally gets his shot at the US Title currently held by Dolph Ziggler. Before the match was announced Cena was in the back talking to Interim RAW General Manager, John Laurinaitis trying to give the GM to give Zack a US title shot. Laurinaitis informed Cena if Zack wanted a title shot he had to earn it and then set up the match between Cena and Ryder with the stipulation of winner gets title shot.

John Cena is a multi-time World Champion. Zack Ryder is a guy who had to create a YouTube show to even get a chance of being in the background of backstage shot on RAW for several months. Cena has been campaigning for Ryder to get more television exposure and trying to help him get over as a WWE Superstar.

Given their track record, if Cena was really Ryder’s friend he would have done the noble thing and let Ryder get the victory. Seeing how Cena gets a title match on an almost monthly basis why does he need to be in a multi-man TLC match? Couldn’t he just wait and then ask for a title match at next month’s Royal Rumble or any Raw between now and the next time he wins the title?

Broskis forever?
On the other side of the ring, Zack Ryder has tried for almost a year to get a shot at a mid-card belt that until recently was about one step higher than the replica belts sold on Since Cena is so adamant about Ryder getting a US title shot, why didn’t Cena have a competitive match to show how good Ryder is in the ring and then take a three count so Zack could attempt to add some real gold to go along with his Internet Championship? 

Instead of giving Zack (and the fans) what they wanted, Cena had to be Cena and hog the spotlight. Sure Cena would eventually give up his title shot and help Zack beat Mark Henry to give Zack the US Title shot. It never should have come to that though.

In conclusion, John Cena is a selfish jerk that will only do the right thing when he’s exposed as being a jerk. Fans should stop cheering for this joke of a man and start booing him out of the building.  Who needs enemies when you have friends like John Cena?

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  1. Jeez Chad, you almost sound like you think this stuff is real. Cena is a great face for the WWE. He stands up for it and is a good spokesperson. He doesn't write the storylines dude. Really, Really? Really!

    - Jim