Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Wish List: Jim Ross

JR gets Christmasfyed
By Kevin Hunsperger

Jim Ross is the greatest play by play man in the history of the business.  My Christmas wish for him is simple.  Stop playing games with him and put him back on the announce team.  He's the voice of the WWE, hell of wrestling.  Having him dance, rap, and wrestle are just ways to bury him and make him look foolish.

While I know he's in on the act, I still think it sucks to tarnish the image of such an icon.  While he may not ever get that spot back on the announce team, I'd love for him to have the opportunity to call Wrestlemania. If nothing else, he needs to be the one calling the Rock vs. John Cena.

JR is a treasure.  The Michael Cole character is obnoxious and needs to either lose the heel gimmick as a PBP man or become a heel manager.  Personally, I'd prefer the manager role for him.  I'm not going to continue to beat this horse, as I've written about it before.

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  1. i agree the other night was STUPID i thought he was having another heart attack. but it was funny to see him back that ass up on michael cole's aggrevating self. they should just get rid of michael cole all together or better yet send him back to smack down.since no one important watches it anyway.

  2. I agree. WWE should stop making him look like a fool. The dance was bad enough. When they got him to rap, I literally just repeated "No, don't make him do that". He's a legend. They are ruining his image. He doesn't deserve that.