Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The New, New Nexus & Other Raw Thoughts

Regular readers have come to expect a Raw reaction on Tuesday afternoons because I work extremely early hours, so I don't get to watch Raw in its entirety on Monday nights.  So here's some reaction to the show from January 17, 2011.

Class act again with the Martin Luther King, Jr. montage.  I like the fact that the WWE does this every year.

Opening segment:  I don't find John Cena's little act funny, at all.  I enjoyed the two weeks he wasn't around.  I understand he's the "face of the company",  but geez, I've had enough of the dude.  If they would have played his fired angle out better, maybe I wouldn't be so bugged by him.

Nexus comes out.  Big shock.  They attack Cena.  What actually surprised me here was the rescue from Santino and Koslov.  Glad to see they weren't beat down immediately.  Why are they booking Punk vs. Cena on Raw?  I'm hoping as the show goes on, this gets cancelled.  This is a money match.  Let's save it.  Please.

Tag Team Title Match: Good to see the titles defended and against an actual tag team.  Also nice to see both teams leave the ring without a hint of dissension among them.

John Morrison vs. Daniel Bryan:  I can't say enough good things about these guys.  I've been a fan of both for some time and each have stepped up their work in the ring in recent months.  I do wish John Morrison would change his look a bit.  He looks too much like he did when he was in MNM (remember that trio?)  I'm also not opposed to a heel turn and him picking up a manager to use as a mouthpiece.  Looks like he is continuing to climb the ladder with a pin over Bryan (who we all know has beaten the Miz, just sayin'...)  While we're changing up Morrison's look, can someone in wardrobe please get Sheamus something new.  Geez, he looks ridiculious.   I love the fact that the Bellas are arguing over who's going to pop Daniel's cherry.  Wonder if they'll do the Live Sex Show like Edge and Lita did a few years back...

Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton:  I still find it amazing that Vickie Guerrero gets the most heat on the show.  It really does baffle me.   I almost think this match is one that could have been saved for a future pay per view as well.  Dolph is definitely stepping up and I think that's a good thing.  He's been a work in progress, glad to see he's being rewarded for his dedication.  Didn't like seeing him do the job to Randy Orton, but wasn't surprised by it at all.  Glad to see the Miz and Alex Riley sneak a beat down in there on Orton.

Ted DiBiase Over the Top Rope Challenge: Like Maryse, I don't think you're going to win the Royal Rumble either.  I like you, but I think it's time to move to SmackDown! and start again.  And if jobbers like the ones who were in the ring are the 10 extras we're getting in the Rumble, then please, let's go back to the 30 man concept.

Enough of Alberto Del Rio.  This dude annoys me too.  Maybe he'll grow on me, but so far, it's not working.  I don't like someone being forced down the throats of the fans.  I like it better when they let someone naturally become the person fans want to see at the top, like the Miz or even John Morrison.

I really enjoy the "by the numbers" package they did on the Royal Rumble.  Behind Wrestlemania, the RR is my favorite PPV.

Punk vs. Cena:  Okay, they're doing this.  I was hoping they could have saved this one for Wrestlemania.  But it doesn't look like they're going to do that.  I only hope this doesn't mean Cena is going to win the Rumble or be in the WWE championship match at Mania.  Do you think when Cena looked into Mason Ryan's eyes he though Dave Batista's son had arrived?  Will he be on Raw longer than Jackson Andrews?   Fans in attendance seemed really confused.  Did you hear the boring chant?  That was kinda funny.

So will Ryan make an impact or get lost in the shuffle?  I've only seen a little bit about him on YouTube from his work with FCW.  I think his biggest obstacle will be breaking that BatisTwo image that he's got.  That will be a tough one.  I'll wait to see more of his in ring work and skills before I judge him too harshly.

All in all, the show was okay.  I think they gave away a couple of good matches that fans would have paid to see.  Bryan vs. Morrison, Punk vs. Cena, and maybe Ziggler vs. Orton.

Would like to hear your thoughts.

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