Saturday, January 15, 2011

MIA Already

Courtesy: WWE
Tyson Kidd's monster body guard Jackson Andrews is already MIA.  I think he might have appeared on three episodes of Raw.  His last being the squashed by Mark Henry a couple of weeks ago.

The reports I've read on line indicate Andrews was sent back to FCW, the WWE's developmental territory.

My question is this:  why in the world did they even add him to the main roster?  Surely they knew before bringing him in that he was still green.  And from what I've read they decided to NOT use him on this season of NXT because he wasn't ready.  So he's not good enough to be a on a show decided to rookies learning the craft, but you're going to put him on a show that millions of people watch each week and rip apart (ie, me)  I don't understand that.

But of course this is just what the other websites are reporting.  Maybe there is some other legitimate reason behind all this.  I just wonder where this decision leaves Tyson Kidd.  And if and when they bring Andrews back, will he have a new gimmick?

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  1. Hart Dynasty? This would be the opportune time to reunite them. Of course...they'll probably just continue having Kidd/DiBiase teaming up-- which makes PERFECT sense...