Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Buzz on Sting

From: Online World of Wrestling
Pardon the pun in the headline, but there has been a lot of buzz on Sting heading to the WWE, just in time for Wrestlemania and the Hall of Fame.

Personally, I'd love to see this happen.  If you're a fan of wrestling, you already know Sting is the only modern day legend out there who NEVER wrestled in the WWE.  Admittedly Sting's best years are behind him, but I think it would be great to see him with a brief run with the E.

From all the reports I've seen online, Sting is no longer under contract with TNA, although his photo is still on the company's website.  I've also read that because Wrestlemania is in Atlanta (the home of WCW) this year, Vince McMahon really wants the former WCW & TNA world champion to sign with his company.

It would be strange seeing him in a WWE ring though.  If he did sign, I have to wonder how long would he stick around?  I know he's not a fan of the grueling WWE schedule.  I can't imagine if he inks a deal it would be for a long term contract.  I wouldn't expect to see a world title run either.  Would they use him to put guys over?  Who would his opponents be?  I could see a few big matches on pay per view and some appearances on Raw.  Edge is standing out in my head at the moment as a great opponent for the Stinger.

From: Pro Wrestling Archive
Let's be honest, the WWE needs a big name for the Hall of Fame this year.  Each year they try to feature a main eventer if you will.  Last year, I felt like they were missing that piece of the puzzle.  Don't get me wrong, I love the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, but I think they needed a bigger name than him.  For that reason I was disappointed we didn't get Macho Man Randy Savage or the Ultimate Warrior.

This year there is talk of Ron Simmons and Arn Anderson so far.  Sting would definitely be the "must have" if we're going with a WCW theme this year.  I suppose we'll know soon enough.  But we can pretty much be sure that if Sting does decide to resign with TNA, we won't be seeing him in the Hall of Fame anytime soon.

Since I may be heading back to Mania this year, I really would like to see him with the E and going into the HOF.  Or even just wrestling at Mania.  I haven't seen him wrestle live in 20 years (Starrcade 90).  And here's a long shot, if he does come to the WWE, I'd like to see him back as the beach bum Sting.  I always liked that look and gimmick over the crow version.  But I think I'd be in the minority there.

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  1. it would be a shame for me as a sting fan. since you have mentioned he is the only big wrestler who have never a deal with wwe in his lifetime and at his retiring if he does so it would be a shame for him too....
    he is a wrestler and wants to wrestle and what wwe is doing now is just childish making it a pg entertainment show not a wrestling show....
    so if he never sign to wwe it would be a extra diamond in his crown....