Saturday, January 22, 2011

Layin' the Smackdown on SmackDown!

Delayed reaction to Friday Night SmackDown! as I was hosting poker last night and didn't get to watch the show live.

Some quick notes and thoughts.  I like the idea behind the Corre.  Wade Barrett is a natural leader I think and if the creative team gets behind him and this group, I think it can achieve success.  I just hope we don't see the typical implosion of the group/team dynamic we've come to see so often before in the WWE.

I'm not sure why Michael Cole is on Raw and SmackDown!  Honestly, I think the guy is a tool and don't really care to hear him on either show, but I realize he is now the "voice of the WWE."  I'd rather see the WWE get behind another announcer and actually push them.  It's important to give the announcers time to develop just like the in ring talent.  I have no problem with the team of Josh Matthews and Matt Stryker calling the show.

Why was Michael Tarver inexplicably backstage when they found the unconscious Teddy Long?  Is he on SmackDown! now?  We haven't seen or heard from this guy since the Nexus fired him.

I can understand why the Miz and Alex Riley showed up on the show, but why in the world are we still getting Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth?  This feud should have never happened in the first place.  It's two guys from different shows.  Wasn't there someone else Del Rio could be put over?  Is he really going to be the new "Mr. Wrestlemania"?  I'm still not ready to hang my hat on those claims.  We'll wait and see.

Speaking of A-Ri, I like the character, but I think the guy has enough talent to step out of the flunky role.  It's like a modern day Virgil, only I think he gets smacked around more than Virgil and has a heck of a lot more talent than the former Million Dollar champion.

I would have liked to see Cody Rhodes get a win.  I really think it's time for Ted DiBiase to move to SmackDown! and a Priceless reunion.  That way you help two guys lost in the shuffle and make a step toward revitalizing the fledgling tag team divison.

Some wrestlers should be seen and not heard.  Yes Heath Slater, I'm talking to you.  I'm glad to see Justin Gabriel pick up a win over Edge, even if it was under nefarious circumstances.  I think he's the breakout star of Corre group and hope to see him shine a little brighter in 2011.

I never understood why wrestlers in the back don't come out to help another wrestler when they're getting attack by a group like Corre.  Especially the Big Show.  The guy should have been charging to the ring and kicking @$$.  Did they say he was on the shelf?  I did fast forward through parts of the show.  And what was the final condition on Teddy Long?  Oh well, I guess we'll find out next week, right?

I must admit, I'm really stepping onto the Dolph Ziggler bandwagon.  I liked him before, but I really think his work in recent weeks has helped him climb a few notches.  I still don't think he's going to win the title at the Royal Rumble, but I am happy to see that someone who's not been in the title picture before is getting a shot.  And I'm disappointed that Randy Orton pinned him on Raw earlier this week.
Ziggler is another one who I think will make a big mark this year.  Hope he stays healthy and creative doesn't lose him in the shuffle.

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