Monday, June 19, 2017

The 'Something to Wrestle with...' experience

Not a rib...
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Last summer when I heard Bruce Prichard, who I knew and loved as Brother Love on classic WWF programming, was starting a podcast, I was intrigued. I had listened to Wooooo! Nation with Ric Flair and his co-host Conrad Thompson. Conrad brought the fan perspective to the show and asked the questions we all wanted to know. So knowing Conrad was going to be joining Bruce on his show made this a must-listen deal for me.

"Spend my days..."
The format of Something to Wrestle with, Bruce Prichard was like no other at the time. Bruce would tell the story of a Superstar, event or angle as Conrad would ask questions along the way. I loved the show so much I invited Conrad on the My 1-2-3 Cents Podcast last August and he was gracious enough to grant that request. 

"Double cheese, extra onions."

The duo announced they'd be doing a live show in Orlando the night before WrestleMania. I bought tickets for it before securing Mania tickets because I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity. Unfortunately, our Mania plans changed and I had to sell our tickets. But I was ecstatic after hearing Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard was coming to St. Louis prior to Money in the Bank. I already had my ticket for that WWE event, and quickly snatched up a VIP ticket. 

I arrived at the South Broadway Athletic Club right on time for the VIP meet and greet. I stood in line with other fans, but kept to myself, overhearing their stories about past wrestling experiences. I was a little sad none of my friends going to MITB wanted to attend the podcast too. Once inside, I did see some familiar faces and ended up sitting in the front of the room with my friend Jeremy. I also met long time My 1-2-3 Cents supporter Adam at the table.

The set up was great. VIPs could grab a can koozie and then hit the line for the photo op and autograph. The encounter was brief, but I got to thank both Bruce and Conrad for the work they do and extend my gratitude in person to Conrad for being on my show last year. Bruce signed a photo and then I got a pic with the dynamic duo. 

RIP George
There were hundreds of people in attendance. Bruce did lots of impressions and told plenty of stories, focusing on St. Louis history, ladder matches, Money in the Bank and of course a few tales that have never been shared on the recorded podcast. I'm not going to give any of that away, as it would defeat the purpose of Bruce and Conrad doing the live shows. I will say this, I will never view chicken salad the same again and if I ever have a chance to have some of Jerry Jarrett's I'd likely decline. Those of you who were there, well you know, why that is...

Overall the experience was well worth the $50 VIP ticket. They had plenty of tables set up at the venue, so thanks to 590 The Fan and SBAC for that. VIPs were placed in the front, which I appreciate and had a great view of everything, including Bruce's karate demo, the funeral for Jim Cornette's rat George and the calling out of Vince Russo. Bro, I still can't believe he didn't show up.

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  1. They yelled at me for asking a question about a former WWF wrestler The Jackyl . was kind of weird