Thursday, June 8, 2017

Support indy wrestling

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Recently I came across a post on Facebook talking about supporting indy wrestling by doing more than just going to the matches. Take a look:

So today's post is all about supporting the men and women who toil on the independent scene and have merchandise to sell. I plan to update and share more items as I receive them. Most of what I'm sharing comes from my friends at Stride Pro Wrestling. And spoiler alert, I'm hoping to have a new My 1-2-3 Cents shirt design up by the fall. Stay tuned for that. Also, be sure to give these wrestlers a follow or like on social media too.

"Farmer" Billy Hills
"Farmer" Billy Hills has an online store.
Follow him here.
Twitter: FBH05
Facebook: Billy Hills
Instagram: FBH05
Snapchat: billy_hills05
Voxer: FBH05
Red Daniels
Red Daniels has a new t-shirt coming out soon. But this is the
current design. The cost is $20. Contact him on Facebook or Twitter (@thereddaniels).

Chris Hargas will soon have a shirt ready for sale. You can find more about him on his website. And follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @chrishargas.

More social media shout outs!

Roger Matheus: @TheMadViking13 (Twitter)

Heath Hatton: thatton85 (IG) & @Heath_Hatton (Twitter)

Tony Flood: Facebook

Joey O'Riley: greenwithevil (IG) & @GreenRangerJoey (Twitter)

Dexter Roswell: Facebook

J. Wellington Beauregard: Facebook

JD Wilk: Facebook, jdwilk777 (IG)

Jake Capone: (Now in Florida) @thejakecapone

Cape Championship Wrestling: Facebook, CCWrestling573 (IG & Twitter)

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