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The 5 best main stream songs associated with wrestling

Iceman King Parsons & Kerry Von Erich
Courtesy: WWE
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Long before Jim Johnston started composing music for the WWE or before Superstars sang their own theme songs on The Wrestling Album and Piledriver, wrestlers would come out to mainstream music. Michael Hayes is often credited with being the first to come to the ring with music, or at least rock music. Then, of course, the whole "Rock 'n Wrestling" connection happened a short time later and neither industry was the same again.

Here are my five favorite songs from the radio that were made even more popular by the wrestlers (or companies) who used them. By the way, these are in no particular order.

1. Another One Bites the Dust. Before he belted out "Grab Them Cakes" on the first Wrestling Album, Junkyard Dog used to come to the ring to this hit by Queen. It's been more than 30 years since that happened, but I still think of the Dog and his post-match ritual of dancing with the fans on Superstars of Wrestling. 

2. Tom Sawyer. Growing up, Kerry Von Erich was my absolute favorite wrestler. He was the Modern Day Warrior, so it only made since he came to the ring to Rush's Tom Sawyer, with the opening line "Modern day warrior mean mean stride..." I still think of those crowded shows at the Dallas Sportatorium as Kerry would get mobbed making his way to the ring as the song blasted over the PA.

3. Carry On My Wayward Son. This is the theme song of former Stride Pro Wrestling Champion Ax Allwardt. He's used it for as long as I've known him, which dates back to All American Pro Wrestling shows I attended in 2008. Now he's got a tag team partner in Scott Phoenix and as Stride Pro Wrestling tag team champs, they've changed their tune to Rock You Like a Hurricane, another classic hit from my childhood. But it's Kansas that gets the nod for this list as well as Ax for keeping the 80s alive when he steps into the ring.

4. Obsession. Saturday Night's Main Event was a huge deal to me growing up. I would check the TV Guide religiously hoping a new episode would be on. After the Superstars who would be wrestling that night would cut a quick promo, the sweet sound of a synthesizer would take over and clips of my favorite Superstars would play. 

5. Take Me Home. And then after that 90-minute rollercoaster ride of wrestling emotion, Phil Collins would wrap things up. Take Me Home would play as the pics or video from the night would recap and the credits would role. To this day, I love the song but hearing it made me sad early Sunday morning as I knew it would be weeks until another SNME would be on.

What say you? What are your favorite mainstream hits to make it to the wrestling world? Weigh in here or on Facebook.

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