Sunday, June 4, 2017

Stride Pro Wrestling 'Return' could be Flood's downfall

GM Hunter & Flood
Courtesy: Jamie Myers

By Kevin Hunsperger
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Stride Pro Wrestling returned to the Illinois Star Centre Mall with the appropriately titled show Return. In the opening moments of the show, Legacy Champion Tony Flood voiced his frustration with General Manager Sam Hunter and told him he's tired of wrestling former champ "T-Dog" Jerry Travelstead. In fact, he's so tired of it, Flood added a stipulation that could lead to his own demise in Stride Pro Wrestling.

Before facing T-Dog, Dexter Roswell and Joey O'Riley in a fatal four way for the Legacy Title, Flood promised Hunter that if he loses at the June 10 Stride show, he will retire from wrestling, no questions asked. Flood will defend his title against T-Dog in a one-on-one encounter that night.

RKO from the top by Tony Flood
Courtesy: Robert Young
This stipulation took many fans (myself included) by surprise. Flood survived the fatal four way by pinning T-Dog. He is confident he will be able to do the same thing at Summersville Grade School this Saturday night. I should note Alexxa Flood was ringside and once again played a factor in the match, slamming T-Dog to the hard, unprotected floor.

With the stakes this high, Saturday's matchup between Flood and T-Dog will be more intense. Jerry could not only recapture the Legacy Title but rid Stride of his biggest nemesis. If Flood wins, T-Dog is out of luck when it comes to getting another shot at the gold and he gets to stick around and torment GM Hunter and others on the Stride roster. Remember, bell time is 6:30 p.m. at Summersville Grade School in Mt. Vernon. Here's a map to get there.

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