Tuesday, June 13, 2017

That's not best for business

Larry Matysik
Courtesy: Missouri Wrestling Revival

Kevin Hunsperger
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As I was scrolling through Facebook Monday night, I came across a post from SICW Promoter Herb Simmons. I've met Herb a couple of times now and highly respect what he does and the work he's doing in the St. Louis area. He's been working with Wrestling at the Chase commentator Larry Matysik. Growing up in St. Louis, Larry is a legend and a historian of sorts. I've also had a chance to meet him and I think very highly of him. I tell you all this to set the stage for the post I mentioned in the opening sentence. Herb posted:

NEWS FLASH- As you know we announced the other day, and yesterday that our friend Larry Matysik was going to appear on the WWE Money in the Bank this Sunday. We received a call today saying that due to Larry's physical condition Vince doesn't want him appearing. I find that disturbing. I wonder if that means any fan that may have a physical condition isn't welcomed. The fans have seen Larry at several different SICW events and have talked with him. Sure he is in a motorized chair for his condition, but that hasn't hampered his ability to get around or think for himself. I personally believe its sour grapes on someone's part reaching back years ago. On behalf of Larry, he wanted me to inform the good fans of St.Louis of the news. He was looking forward to seeing some of the other great workers that are scheduled, and fans that helped make the St.Louis area the best in the wrestling business."

Wrestling at the Chase

I don't know what the official reason is from WWE or if Vince McMahon is the one who ultimately made this call. I'm disappointed to hear this. Larry is one of the most dedicated and respected figures in St. Louis wrestling. I'd like to think this is just a simple error in judgment on the part of WWE, but I fear it's more than that. 

SICW May show
Larry has taken the high road and hasn't complained, but I am taking it upon myself to make my 1-2-3 cents known. It's highly unlikely anyone from the company will see this, but if for some reason you work with WWE and read this, please reconsider this decision, ESPECIALLY if it's based on the fact that Larry is in a wheelchair.

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