Thursday, June 1, 2017

Partners now, opponents later

Red Daniels & Roger Matheus
Courtesy: Steve Belcher

By Kevin Hunsperger
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Wrestling can make strange bedfellows. Last month, "Big" Roger Matheus defeated Heath Hatton for the Stride Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. Both men put their bodies on the line in a TLC match. Both men also had their friends join in the battle, as Red Daniels and Jay Spade each rumbled too. In fact, it was Spade's miscalculated superkick that may have cost Hatton the match.

Spade kicks Hatton
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Now all four men return to the ring at Stride Pro Wrestling Return this Saturday night in tag team competition. Hatton and Spade on one side versus Matheus and Daniels on the other. Each man has held some kind of gold in Stride. And while this tag team match is an interesting concept, I'm curious how much Matheus, Hatton, Spade and Daniels will be focused on it. You see, one week later they're all involved in a fatal four way for the championship.

Daniels attacks Hatton, Spade makes the save
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
So they'll go from being partners to opponents in seven days time. I would imagine as the champ, Matheus has to be feeling the pressure as there will be three men capable of taking his newly won title. Daniels was all too eager to do Matheus' bidding and pummel then-champ Hatton. But will that loyalty remain on June 10 when Red could get his hands on gold? Spade falls into the same category, going from Hatton's ally to potentially the next Stride champion and his first taste of singles gold.

The tag team matchup happens this Saturday (June 3) at the Illinois Star Centre Mall in Marion. The fatal four way for the championship follows on June 10 at Summersville Grade School in Mt. Vernon. Get your tickets now on Stride's website and don't forget to check out the new YouTube channel.

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