Tuesday, May 30, 2017

JD Wilk sidelined with an injury

JD Wilk vs. Dexter Roswell
Courtesy: Steve Belcher

By Kevin Hunsperger
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In the world of professional wrestling, injuries are inevitable. We've seen great careers come to an early end due to the wear and tear the business puts on the body. Whether it's in the WWE or on the independent scene, the men and women of the ring are putting their bodies on the line each time they climb through the ropes. 

The Dream Chaser
Courtesy: JD Wilk
Rising star in Stride Pro Wrestling and Cape Championship Wrestling JD Wilk knows this reality all too well. He separated his shoulder in April and took a couple weeks off to recover. But unfortunately, he re-injured himself and has announced via his Facebook page that he is taking the rest of 2017 off to recover. 

"Back in the ER separated my shoulder and with this happening it kills me to say that I will be stepping away from the ring for the rest of 2017. Looking to get it properly healed and come back stronger. Nothing will stop me from chasing my dream!"

Wilk goes soarin'
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
I have no doubt Wilk will be back in action in 2018 and stronger than ever. He is a positive force backstage and that energy carries over in the ring. He debuted with Stride in December and consistently improved each time he wrestles. Wilk is a student of the game and will undoubtedly go places once he's healthy. 

Wilk pins Roswell
Courtesy: Steve Belcher

His feud with the DR Party was really heating up too, as Wilk pinned the group's leader Dexter Roswell at the Brave the Storm show earlier this month. He was to be a part of a five-man challenge for the Stride Pro Wrestling Legacy Championship, but the injury will keep him out of that matchup. Now Tony Flood defends against Roswell, Jerry Travelstead and Joey O'Riley this Saturday night at 6:30 at the Illinois Star Centre Mall in Marion. 

Best wishes to JD as he gets stronger and makes an impact once again in the world of independent wrestling. He's the "Dream Chaser" and I for one hope he catches that dream in the new year.

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