Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Can 'Stone Cold' Plumster teach Maximum Overdrive a lesson?

Plumlee goes face to face with J. Wells
Courtesy: Steve Belcher

Kevin Hunsperger
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All week I'll be writing blogs to countdown to the upcoming Stride Pro Wrestling show "Brave the Storm." It's a benefit (Saturday, May 6) to raise money for families in southern Illinois who recently lost their homes or suffered damage during the February 28 tornado.

New champs
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
At the Stride Pro Wrestling show in April, Ax Allwardt and Scott Phoenix won the tag team championships. The duo survived a hellacious fatal four-way elimination match to capture the gold. It's the first title reign for the up and comer Phoenix, while Ax was the very first Stride Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

Plumlee attacked
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Prior to their big victory, Maximum Overdrive, along with their manager J. Wellington Beauregard brutally attacked school teacher turned wrestler Josh Plumlee. Josh is known by his students at Community Consolidated School 204 in Pinckneyville as "Stone Cold Plumster." Plumlee was at the Stride show to let fans know a special guest would be on hand for the Brave the Storm fundraiser. At that time it was to be Tyrus, but now James Storm will be attending instead.

Courtesy: Steve Belcher
During my interview with Josh; Ax, Phoenix and J Wells hit the ring. The trio trash talked the teacher and then did the unthinkable, by attacking him. Ax even assaulted Plumlee with his chain and Beauregard got in a few cheap shots as well.

That leads us to Saturday night. Plumlee understandably is furious. He's looking for a partner and will face off against Maximum Overdrive. No doubt revenge is on the educator's mind and he'll be looking to teach these three bullies the lesson of a lifetime. Be sure to join us Saturday night for all the action. Head to the Stride Pro Wrestling website for more details.

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