Saturday, May 27, 2017

Before the show starts

Helping get ready for TLC
Photo courtesy: Tom Harness

By Kevin Hunsperger
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Life in the world of independent wrestling is an interesting one. I suppose even on the big stage it's an exciting time too. But I've never worked for WWE or WCW or TNA (except for a one off as a guest manager), so I'm going to talk about my experiences.

Setting up the ring
When I was working with All American Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Collision, things were much more physical. A handful of arrived on the morning of a TV taping and set up the ring. That included the guard rails around the ring, the chairs and preparing the locker room area and "promo room." After assisting with the recording of promos and vignettes, it was showtime. 

The ring packed up
We'd do commentary for two shows and supplemental videos for YouTube. After the tapings ended and the fans cleared the building, it was time to tear down the ring, load it up in a truck and return it to storage. Same with the guardrails. This process made for a LONG day as we usually arrived for set up by 8 or 9 a.m. and wrapped things up around midnight. Then it was off to Steak 'n Shake for a burger and big ass milkshake to unwind from the night.

Running through the card
Courtesy: Tom Harness
With Stride Pro Wrestling the labor is less taxing. We're in a unique position of having a permanent home, so the ring is in place. The students and trainers at the Stride school help with setting up the chairs. The biggest thing I do before the show is talking with the wrestlers I'm about to announce and make sure I've got their weight and hometown correct. We go over any interview segments I may conduct in the ring and figure out what points we'll be driving home. When the show ends, I help pick up trash and fold chairs, but the process is quick and painless.

Starting in July, I'll add commentary duties to my schedule for the new Stride Pro Wrestling YouTube channel. I'm looking forward to this next step in the development of the independent wrestling company. Look for more big announcements here and on social media in the coming weeks. 

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