Friday, May 5, 2017

Foreign Object Friday: The chairmen of wrestling

Chairmen of the ring
Photos courtesy: Red Daniels (L) & Wilkey Photography (R)

By Kevin Hunsperger
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All week I'll be writing blogs to countdown to the upcoming Stride Pro Wrestling show "Brave the Storm." It's a benefit (Saturday, May 6) to raise money for families in southern Illinois who recently lost their homes or suffered damage during the February 28 tornado.

Red vs. Spade
Courtesy: Red Daniels Facebook
Over the last few months, quite a rivalry has developed between Red Daniels and Jay Spade. Each man has been a co-holder of the Stride Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championships. Daniels and his now former partner Jake Capone beat Spade and Joey O'Riley for the belts a few months ago. That night, in particular, a chair came into play.

Laid out
Courtesy: Red Daniels Facebook
The action spilled to the floor of as Spade and Daniels brawled through the crowd. In a callous move, the 300 pound Daniels scooped up Spade (who is half that weight) and slammed him into a metal folding chair. While all this was going on outside the ring, Capone gained the upper hand on O'Riley and pinned him for the championship victory.

I'm about to get whacked
Courtesy: Wilkey Photography
But is famous for a chair wielding incident too. This one was in All American Pro Wrestling and involved yours truly. It was during my match at Main Event against Mike Masters. He had brought a chair in and planned to assault me with it but stopped to taunt me a little more instead. With the referee's back turned, Spade hit the ring, grabbed the chair and whacked Masters in the head so hard he split open like a watermelon and needed six staples to fix the wound.

Spade to the rescue
Courtesy: Wilkey Photography
I know that sounds just as devious as Daniels' actions, but I'll defend it saying Spade and I are both smaller than Masters and had been victim to his bullying and abuse. Fans cheered because the bad guy finally got his comeuppance. 

Spade has proven he can swing a chair and be effective with it. He may need an equalizer against the much larger Daniels this Saturday night. The two will meet one on one at Community Consolidated 204 in Pinckneyville. See you there.

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