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Where is Brodus Clay?

The shirt says it all. (from WWE)

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I’m not sure how long it’s been going on exactly, but WWE has created a running gag of sorts with promoting Brodus Clay “debuting” on RAW each week only to cancel the debut for unknown reasons.  If WWE sees something in Brodus and plan on pushing him, I think they should keep him off of TV until the Royal Rumble.

At the Royal Rumble, establish Brodus as not being a participant because he didn’t make the 30-man roster. There could be a face-to-face backstage segment with Clay and John Laurinaitis where the VP of Talent Relations tells Brodus he didn’t have enough matches in the previous six months to qualify for a Rumble spot. I know there’s not such qualifying requirement but it’s not like WWE can’t change the rules to fit their agenda. Plus, establishing non-existent rules seems like something Laurinaitis would do to make himself look smarter. Brodus would then leave the office while John would stare off into space thinking about how he can annoy CM Punk later in the show.

During the Rumble match, somewhere between numbers five and fifteen, one of the lower card guys who no one expects to win the match, i.e. Tyson Kidd, Curt Hawkins or Ted DiBiase come out when their number is called. Right as they step out from behind the curtain, Brodus Clay, upset about some ham and egger getting a Rumble opportunity, comes out behind them and lays them out on the stage area. Clay proceeds to take the spot of the person he just eliminated from possibly main eventing Wrestlemania. Or, if Randy Orton is still injured, have Clay attack the Viper and take his spot. Instant heel. Just add water.

Clay on NXT (from WWE)
Once in the match I would have Clay go on a Kane-like dominating spree eliminating guys left and right. Have him last until the last five or six wrestlers are in the ring and then have everyone gang up and eliminate Clay. This would establish Brodus as a serious contender as well as potentially set up a Wrestlemania feud.

Again, this is all dependent on what plans WWE has for Brodus Clay. If they don’t see him as anything more than a punching bag then they should keep him off camera until people forget about him. Personally, while I like my fantasy booking idea, I would use the scenario for a returning Skip Sheffield.  But that’s just because I’m the founding member of the Skipper’s Stable. 

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