Monday, January 23, 2012

Let ECW Rest in Peace

The Franchise & ECW are born
By Chad Smart
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It was announced over the past week that Shane Douglas would be running an ECW reunion show on April 28 in Philadelphia. So far in addition to Douglas, Jerry Lynn, The Gangstas, Tracy Smothers and Raven have been announced for the show. My big question is why is this show happening?

Don’t get me wrong. I was a huge ECW fan back when the original ECW was around. I still consider Heatwave ’98 to be the best live show I’ve ever attended. I felt the first One Night Stand was a proper send off to the original ECW and really didn’t mind the WWECW even though it seemed to be done as a way for Vince McMahon to get crowds to stop chanting E-C-W.  My issue is simply there were already One Night Stand and a few Hardcore Homecoming shows featuring talent signed to TNA that gave ECW a proper demise. Then after WWE shut down WWECW, TNA had Hardcore Justice for reasons I still don’t understand. At this point ECW is like a killer from a bad direct to video horror film series. It doesn’t know when to stay dead.

Raven back in the day
ECW was a product of its time. What worked in the ‘90s isn’t going to be as relevant in today’s market. Take Raven for example. He epitomized the grunge movement at the time. Now 15 years later, he is more like Wooderson from Dazed and Confused. The guy who refuses to grow up and still hangs around the places high school kids frequent. Back when the Dudley Boyz started putting people through tables, the audience went crazy because it was something new. Now tables are used for transition moves instead of having any impact.

Add in the fact all the ex-ECW wrestlers are older and those who haven’t stayed active aren’t in the best of shape and I have to again wonder what is the point of this new ECW Reunion.  With all the independent companies out there, is there even interest in bringing ECW back? Would the ECW fit in with the current style of wrestling?

I’m guessing there are plenty of fans who stopped watching wrestling after ECW and WCW folded who would like to see the companies come back, but much like the old head bangers who wanted glam rock to return during the era of grunge, I feel most of those fans are people who are more trying to hang on to their youth and are afraid of moving forward. These same fans are the ones who want WWE to go back to the Attitude Era without realizing other than some foul language and T&A, the main thing separating the current WWE product from the Attitude Era is the larger than life persona’s of The Rock and Stone Cold. Time marches on and wrestling has to evolve or die.

Shane Douglas today
Had ECW not gone out of business in 2001 and was still around, I have a feeling the promotion would have evolved and would bare little resemblance to the ECW people fondly remember. That’s why I feel Shane Douglas and the other ECW alums need to realize simply putting the same old stars in the ring won’t enable success beyond one show. Shane has said he plans to have some new talent on the show and has plans to spin this off into a new promotion. I’m skeptical because I think once he hears the cheers from the fans, he’ll forget the new plan and rely on the old memories. I hope I’m wrong.

Whether the show succeeds or fails, I feel the final nail in the ECW needs to be hammered in and the body laid to rest. ECW had a good seven-year run. Let us remember the good times and not soil the memories by trying to recreate the past.

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  1. i think they need to stop living in the past ECW was great now can a great company rest in peace? every year we have a hardcore reunion that supposed to be the last one.....but it never stops these guys are getting to old for this.

  2. I find it concerning that there's a fan base out there that hadn't been interested in wrestling in 10 years because it's "not ECW", even though various points of both the national and independent scene have been amazing in that time frame, and yet they'll return for each rehash, and pay good money for it ($100 ringside, really!?!?!).

    If Shane really wants this to be more than an extreme reunion, he should be announcing the new talent that he plans on showcasing.