Friday, January 6, 2012

The European Union

The European Union (photos from
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger on Twitter

Editor's note: I don't have WWE 12 the video game, I've never played it, and had no idea this was one of the storylines.  Thanks!

It seems as if the WWE has something up its (their) sleeve for Drew McIntyre.  At least I hope they do.  His losing streak as of late has been the focus of a mini storyline.  Maybe it's going to take him to bigger and better things, but if it doesn't, I submit this plan for your approval.

It's by no means an original idea, I've talked about it with friends before and I'm sure others have had similar thoughts.  But I think this idea would bring several missing elements in the WWE back to the table. I would create a new stable called "The European Union", members would include of course McIntyre, along with Wade Barrett, Mason Ryan, Layla, and manager William Regal.  I considered adding Sheamus into the mix, but right now the WWE seems pretty high on him as a face, so I'll let them have him.

Barrett & McIntyre in FCW 2008 (photo from My123Cents)
Barrett of course would be the world title contender for the group.  I would have McIntyre and Ryan work together as a tag team.  This would allow both men to get some time in the ring and develop their characters.  While I still see McIntyre with a bright future, let's face it right now he's being wasted away and the WWE tag team division is still on life support.  Layla of course could be the Diva of the group, both wrestling and serving as a co manager to Regal.  Regal could still do some wrestling, but I'd like to see him turned into a manager.  I think it's a role he'd be great at and could help this group of young wrestlers become future champions.

Of course putting this plan into place would require the WWE creative team to come up with storylines and angles for the EU and not botch it up.  Considering the track record of the Nexus, the New Nexus, the Corre, and the Straight Edge Society; I'm not too hopeful.

Drew as IC champ (from
I miss the days of the factions, managers, and heck tag team wrestling.  This new group could help bring back all three elements.  Plus it would give someone like Drew McIntyre a chance to shine.  At the start of 2011, I picked him as one of my stars of the year.  While he's done a lot of jobbing lately, I think he's still got the potential for greatness.  So please, WWE consider this idea.  And if you're hiring, I'd gladly come work for you.  :D

What do you think?  What other factions would you create?  Post comments here or on Facebook or Twitter.  And don't forget to subscribe to My123Cents on YouTube.


  1. You know they did this on WWE '12, right? (The United Kingdom) More flawed than yours considering Sheamus is from Ireland not Northern Ireland (The Dublin area Sheamus is from is not part of the United Kingdom).

  2. I didn't know that. I don't have the game and have never played it. Other people have told me that though. Thanks! Kevin