Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quite an Undertaking...

Was Wrestlemania 27 it for the Undertaker?
By Kevin Hunsperger

I don't normally report on rumors, but this one has been swirling for quite some time, so I guess that's my justification.  Although I'm really not "reporting" anything, I'm making an observation.

We haven't seen or heard from the Undertaker since his battle with Triple H at Wrestlemania 27.  When that match ended, we watched the Undertaker get carted off by medical personnel.  No official reports have been released, but doing the math it's easy to figure out that the Taker's best days may very well be behind him.  I'll be so bold as to say they are behind him.

After the last couple of Wrestlemania's he's taken some kind of break.  And in my opinion, it's well deserved.  I think if more guys were afforded this luxury, there would be less injuries and fresher storylines because you could rotate goes in and out according to their "break", but that's for another blog.

The thing that really fueled the fire was the fact that Michelle McCool (Undertaker's wife for those who didn't know) lost that "Loser Leave WWE" earlier this month so she could take time off the road and help Taker at home.  Others have reported the two are ready to start a family.  I'm not sure which is the case, but I hope the Undertaker isn't officially done, just yet.

I'll be the first to admit I've never been a really big fan of his.  But I do love the fact that they've created this streak.  It's hard to believe over the last 20 years, he's won every Wrestlemania he's competed in.  (He didn't wrestle at Wrestlemanias 10 and 16).  That's remarkable to me.  He's got such staying power, and to have the streak end at 19 and 0 is one hell of an accomplishment, 20 and 0 just rolls of the tongue better.  So I would like to see "one more match" for the Undertaker, and no against Triple H.

It is my hope that over the course of the next 10 and a half months they groom someone to face the Undertaker.  And I don't mean to end the streak.  The streak should not end.  But they should have someone up against the former world champion who can pose a legit threat.  John Cena right now is the only man on the roster who can that.  He however, will be facing the Rock.

So WWE writers, if you're reading this, let's get busy please.  There are plenty of guys on both Raw and SmackDown! who are ready to "grab the brass ring" and run with it.  It needs to be someone who even in defeat "wins" on April 1st and carries the torch.

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