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Dream Over, Or Just Beginning?

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By Kevin Hunsperger

I will be the first to admit, I rushed to judgement after reading the results from the May 6th episode of SmackDown!  My rant can be seen here on my YouTube channel.   That's the problem with reading spoilers and not actually seeing the matches.

I felt like Christian and Randy Orton told a good story in the ring.  While I'm still disappointed with the outcome of the match, I'm getting the impression that this may be the start of a big feud between Orton and Christian.  My guess is the former Brood member will go back to his heel days.  And let's face it, that wouldn't be a bad thing.  The SmackDown! roster is lacking a good heel these days.  In my opinion some of Christian's best work came as a heel, especially when he and Edge were still together.

The way they played up the title win from Sunday night, and the way they stayed on Christian after the match tells me that this isn't over.   And I'm glad for that.  My first thought after reading the results was that this was a quick passing the title over, but I'm not so sure that's the case.  I really think if they book this right, a Christian-Randy Orton feud could be enjoyable.  It gives us a new face in the title hunt, even though Christian has technically been the champ.

Let's look at the other possible contenders on the heel side of the roster:

Sheamus:  We've already seen he and Orton feud and the results weren't all that exciting.

Mark Henry:  I don't think anyone will ever take him as a serious threat to the World title.  He spent too many years as the guy putting over other talent.  And there is talk of him retiring when his current deal expires.

Cody Rhodes:  I like Cody.  But I don't see him as a contender to the World title yet.  Maybe a run as Intercontinental champion first.  Besides, Orton pretty much buried him and Ted DiBiase after Legacy imploded.

Wade Barrett:  I had high hopes for Barrett after NXT and the formation of Nexus.  However, I feel like the WWE kinda dropped the ball with him.  While he is the IC champ right now, it's hard for me to buy him as a World champion.  At least right now.

The World Title
There are a few on the face side of the roster who could be considered contenders, but the E tends to still stick to the face vs. heel formula.  The WWE has an interesting task before them.  They need to do some major work in developing these younger talents I've mentioned and make them credible threats to the world champions.  I can accept the Christian title loss if it leads to a feud with Orton and another run as champ.  Unlike others in the WWE Universe, I'm not calling for anyone's head on a platter.  While the Internet fans may not like Orton, the crowd reaction to his win Friday night was pretty clear who they support.

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