Thursday, March 22, 2018

My wrestling dream gig

Picturing myself with WWE...

By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

I have been very fortunate with the opportunities I've received in pro wrestling. Before I graduated college, I mailed a resume and cover letter to the WWF (it was 1995) basically seeking any kind of employment with the company. I got a very polite letter in response telling me there were no openings at that time but they'd keep my information on file for six months. Through the years I'd apply several more times, including the ring announcer gig that Lillian Garcia was hired for.

I was quite clueless about how to even get into the indy wrestling business. But in 1999, I made contact with a company in Muscle Shoals, Alabama called Millenium Wrestling Alliance. I literally stood on a stage across from the ring and ran a small camcorder on a tripod. After moving to Indiana I did nothing with wrestling again until 2005, when I was asked to ring announce a couple IWA: Midsouth shows. 
Managing Velvet Sky in 2011
Then in 2010, I got a chance to ref a couple matches for an indy company in McLeansboro, Illinois. That was followed by a guest managing spot with Velvet Sky at a TNA show in Marion and my commentary duties with All American Pro Wrestling. I eventually got involved in an angle and wrestled. For the last two years, I've been announcing for Stride Pro Wrestling. I'm content with that and I'm ecstatic that I've done all these things.

Sam Roberts on the Kickoff Show for PayBack
Courtesy: WWE
As you might guess, though, I want more. Yes, I would love to have been a manager or ring announcer or even commentator in WWE. I know time is not on my side in terms of age, but I believe this goal I have is somewhat realistic. I would love the opportunity to be on the panel for a WWE Kick Off Show. Other better-connected wrestling fans like Sam Roberts, (someone I have great respect for) have had this chance. Now I'd like a shot. I'd be content with doing one segment.

I know there is a chance someone from WWE or someone who is connected with WWE is reading this. Please let me know the proper route to take to make this dream became a reality. Thanks and wish me luck. 

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