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Heath Hatton makes history

Triple crown champ
Courtesy: Steve Belcher

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History has been made just a week shy of the Stride Pro Wrestling two year anniversary show. Heath Hatton has become the company's first Triple Crown Champion. On Saturday night, March 3, Hatton and Ax Allwardt, once bitter enemies, captured the Stride Pro Wrestling tag team championships.

Hatton spears Ax
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Hatton and Allwardt have a storied history not only in Stride Pro Wrestling but all around the region. It Ax who won the first ever Stride Pro Wrestling heavyweight championship, beating Hatton, Tony Flood and Frank Wyatt in a fatal four-way match. Hatton chased Ax most of 2016, pinning him for the gold in a West Frankfort Street Fight. 

Legacy Champion
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
After losing the Heavyweight title to Roger Matheus, Hatton struggled to find a place. Ax in the meantime was victorious in his pursuit of the tag team titles with Scott Phoenix. Maximum Overdrive remains the longest reigning tag team champs in Stride. After failing to regain the heavyweight title, Hatton pinned Flood for the Legacy Title in October but lost it back eight days later, thanks to a distraction by Dexter Roswell.

New tag champions
Around this same time, Phoenix and manager J. Wellington Beauregard turned on Ax, screwing him out of his half of the championships. The DR Party emerged and outnumbered Ax. Because of the issues, Hatton has had with the DR Party, it only made sense for the two to team up. This unlikely alliance will put their newly won tag team titles on the line against the DR Party on Saturday, March 10.

Congrats to Hatton who now has something in common with the WWE's first Triple Crown Champion: Pedro Morales. 

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