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Thoughts on Ivory's WWE Hall of Fame induction

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WWE has announced plans to add Ivory to the Hall of Fame Class of 2018. She'll join Goldberg and the Dudley Boyz in the honor this WrestleMania weekend. WWE has included women in the induction ceremony for the last several years, long before the Women's Revolution started. 

Before she even landed in WWE, Ivory, whose real name is Lisa Moretti, was a part of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. I'll admit I don't remember her alter ego of Tina Ferrari. But I was only a sporadic watcher of GLOW. I do remember her arrival in the WWF in early 1999. She went from being one of Godfather's hos to serving as a valet for D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry. 

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She also formed an alliance with fellow Hall of Famer, Jacqueline and future HOFer Terri Runnels called Pretty Mean Sisters. PMS was a hit during the Attitude Era. My guess is this pairing was the brainchild of Vince Russo. It wasn't long before Ivory picked up key wins and ended up having three reigns as WWF Women's Champion. She had a brief feud with the Fabolous Moolah, in what I believe Moolah's last reign as champ.

Courtesy: WWE
In my 1-2-3 cents, Ivory's shining moments came when she joined Steven Richards in the group Right to Censor. The Godfather became the Goodfather and Val Venis changed his porn star ways. Bull Buchanan also joined. Ivory went from her more revealing wrestling attire to more of an old-time schoolmarm. The character was great and the group got a ton of heat as a result. While I missed Godfather and his hos, it was time for something new in WWF and this group delivered.

It was also at this time Ivory feuded with Chyna for the Women's Championship. Despite being a talented wrestler, Ivory was womanhandled in this feud and didn't have a lot to put up against the Ninth Wonder of the World. She remained with the company through the WCW/ECW invasion and continued to work in various roles before finally parting ways. 

I'm happy to hear Ivory is getting the nod. Her work in the ring was always solid and her ability to take on different roles helped her stand out in a time when women's wrestling wasn't always taken so seriously.  

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