Friday, February 16, 2018

Fun Fact Friday: Stride Pro Wrestling Tag Team Titles

Current Stride Pro Wrestling tag team champs:
The DR Party

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Stride Pro Wrestling is nearing its two year anniversary and in that time has had some great men and women come through. Some are guests, some are mainstays and for others, things just didn't work out... But one thing that has been consistent is the quality of the tag team division. There have been five sets of tag team champions in that time. Here are a few fun facts about titles.

1. 'Homicidal' Stephen Davis and Frank Wyatt are the first team to win the gold in Stride Pro Wrestling. They beat Jay Spade and Josh Totten in the championship finals of the tournament. It didn't take Spade long to reunite with his former partner, Joey O'Riley though. That duo captured the titles next.

Midwest Mafia
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
2. The Midwest Mafia, Red Daniels (RIP) and Jake Capone are Stride's biggest and shortest reigning tag team champions. The duo won the gold in February 2017 and lost them in their first defense in April. 

Sarah Summers vs. Ax Allwardt
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
3. Sarah Summers is the only female wrestler to compete for the Stride Pro Wrestling tag team titles. She and Farmer Billy Hills were part of a multi-team match. It was on that night that Ax Allwardt and Scott Phoenix won the belts, making Ax the only former Stride Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion to win a second title in the company.

4. Speaking of Scott Phoenix, he is the first man in Stride to hold the tag team titles with more than one partner. Due to the "Freebird rule" applying to the DR Party now you can say each member has held the gold with the other three. But the originally billed champions were Dexter Roswell and Phoenix, the night he screwed over Ax.

The DR Party
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
5. J. Wellington Beauregard has managed three of the five tag team champions. Eighty percent success rate isn't bad.

Ax teams up with Heath Hatton on Saturday, March 3 at Christopher Grade School. This odd couple will go for the gold that night against the DR Party.

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