Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Miz steps closer to awesomeness

The Miz
Courtesy: WWE
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The Miz has taken another step to being the most awesome Intercontinental Champion of all time. Or at least the champ with the most combined days with the gold. As of this writing on Feb. 11, the Miz has surpassed The Magnificant Muraco and has taken the number two spot on the list. The Miz now has 543 days as IC champ under his belt. If he continues another 77 days, he'll take the top spot from Pedro Morales. 

Me & The Miz in 2010
I've always enjoyed the Miz and I think it's great he's getting another run as IC champ. He's been pretty hot since beating Zack Ryder for the belt just after WrestleMania 32 nearly two years ago. Maryse coming back breathed new life into his career. He's proven himself time and time again that he's a main event player. It's been said before (I think on the Pro Wrestling Unscripted podcast) that if he were on SmackDown Live still, he'd be in the hunt for the WWE Championship. I could see the Miz getting another shot at the big belt once Brock Lesnar is out of the scene. 

Muraco vs. Morales
Courtesy: WWE
The crazy thing about the new milestone for the Miz is he's held the championship eight times and hit this feat. But both Muraco and Morales are each two-time championship holders. I don't know if anyone has it broken down as to how many times the belt has been defended, I know the schedule for pro wrestlers has never been an easy one though.

Congrats to the Miz, continue being awesome.

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