Monday, December 11, 2017

Beauty vs. the Beast

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Stride Pro Wrestling is hot off the heels of Buried Alive and is now headed to another big event this weekend. The show is a fundraiser at Woodlawn Grade School. Several great matches have been announced, including one that pits former Stride Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion against Frank Wyatt.

Wyatt in May 2016
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Fans may remember Wyatt from his appearances last year in Stride. He and "Homicidal" Steven Davis were known as Damage Inc. and were the first Stride Pro Wrestling tag team champions. But after losing the belts, Wyatt soon disappeared from the company. His manager J. Wellington Beauregard never mentioning where the beast had gone.

Fast forward to Buried Alive and Wyatt barreled through the youngster Shane Lauder. But that's not the big story. During the Heath Hatton-Dexter Roswell match, Wyatt appeared out of nowhere. He pummeled Hatton in a Pearl Harbor job similar to King Kong Bundy's attack of Hulk Hogan leading up to WrestleMania II. 

Old friends reunite
Courtesy: Jamie Myers
Moments after the beat down, it became clear that once again J. Wellington Beauregard's deep pockets covered the cost of the mugging. It appears at least for now there is once again a relationship between Beauregard and Wyatt. And Stride Pro Wrestling General Manager Sam Hunter was quick to sign the match for Saturday's (Dec. 16) show. 

There are few guys that can manhandle Hatton on the Stride roster, but Wyatt made it clear that he is one of those who can. Despite being battered and bruised, Hatton will no doubt go into this match ready to go. He showed a pretty aggressive side in the match against Roswell, doing what was nearly a perfect Superman punch against the DR Party leader. I wish I was able to capture that moment on camera as it was something to see.

So don't forget, we're hitting the road and headed to Woodlawn Grade School. Be sure to join us. Bell time is 6:30 p.m. and we're raising money for the school's athletics department. 

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