Monday, October 16, 2017

Decisions, decisions

Maximum Overdrive & Deter Roswell w/J. Wellington Beauregard

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Professional wrestling fans can be fickle, but so can those involved in the business. Managers can change their preference in the blink of an eye, even within their own stables. Remember in 1989 when "King" Harley Race battled King Haku at the Royal Rumble. Both men were in the Heenan Family and when Haku emerged the victor, he left with Bobby Heenan and Race was soon gone from the company. Heenan pulled a similar stunt with years earlier between Rick Rude and Paul Orndorff.

But this blog is about J. Wellington Beauregard. He's the current manager of the Stride Pro Wrestling tag team champions Ax Allwardt and Scott Phoenix. In addition to managing Maximum Overdrive, J. Wells also managers the DR Party. Since this arrangement happened, there's been hints of dissension coming from Allwardt.

During Saturday night's Stride show at the Illinois Star Centre Mall, tempers flared. Roswell was teaming with Maximum Overdrive. To start things off Phoenix offered his digits to Roswell's mother. This didn't sit well with Dexter or his parents. And through the course of the match, the champs kept Roswell from tagging in. Clearly frustrated, Dexter tagged himself in. This set off Ax who argued with J. Wells outside the ring. Roswell found himself getting pinned by all three members of the opposing team (Joey O'Riley, Aaron Brooks and JD Wilk). An interesting note, when Phoenix tried to break up that pin, he was stopped by Ax. This lead to more arguing between the champions. I must admit I got so caught up in the war of words and nearly missed announcing the winners.

Courtesy: Dalton Kennerly
Moments later, Dexter slapped Ax who was set to piledrive the DR Party leader. That's when Brian Richards, the enforcer of the party, attacked Ax. But it didn't take long for Richards to find himself on the receiving end of Ax's finisher. 

Clearly, Beauregard has some serious fence-mending to do amongst his team members. Not only is Allwardt at odds with the DR Party, but he is not quite on the same page with Phoenix either. Maximum Overdrive continues to reign as tag team champions. Now they'll defend against the DR Party on Saturday, November 4. My advice to J. Wells is to leave with the one who brought you to the dance.   

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  1. That’s a whole lot of drama. I think everyone just got carried away in the heat of the moment. I hope the champions sort out their issues soon.