Thursday, October 12, 2017

A rant about wrestling 'insiders'

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Bring the pepper, because I'm about to get salty with this blog. I apologize in advance for I know this is going to rub some readers the wrong way. But I've finally reached that point in the week when enough is enough and I'm gonna let off some steam.

Since Tuesday morning dozens of wrestling fans with an 'insider' at WWE have claimed to know that Neville has left the company. There are plenty of stories out there circulating as to what lead to his alleged frustration and walk out on Monday night. However, the two sides that truly know for sure, WWE and Neville, are not talking. At least not publicly.

And before you claim that your 'inside source' told you what happened that night, save it. To borrow the phrase from Bruce Prichard, there is way too much rumor and innuendo in the wrestling community. I really don't understand why everyone feels the need to be in the know all the time. What happened to being surprised with angles and storylines? Instead now fans post info they read somewhere or heard from someone else and claim it as news.

I know people who have legitimate insider sources in WWE. Not one of those people has posted a word about the Neville situation. In fact, they've not bragged about having someone in the know either. In my 1-2-3 cents, it's the wanna wrestling journalists who are trying to increase page views, comments or likes on their posts who claim to be in the know. Just because a WWE Superstar or other employee follows you on Twitter doesn't make them your 'insider.' I have an extremely hard time believing these employees would jeopardize their employment to provide a fan with any kind of information, especially one they've never met.

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Just like the rest of you, I'm curious to see how the Neville situation plays out. Has he really requested his release? Will WWE grant it? Or is this all just a big work? Maybe I'm wrong, it's happened before. If the rumors are true, I can accept that. But reading the "news" and then running with it and claiming it as information you got from someone on the inside is one of my biggest pet peeves about wrestling fans. 

Sorry for the bitterness of this post. Tomorrow is Friday and I'll have some fun facts for you about one of Stride Pro Wrestling's brightest stars. Stay tuned for that. 

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