Saturday, October 14, 2017

3 reasons to attend Stride Pro Wrestling tonight

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Of course, there are more than three reasons to come out to the Illinois Star Centre Mall for tonight's Stride Pro Wrestling show. Supporting indy wrestling is so important. The wrestlers you'll see tonight live and work in southern Illinois. By coming out to this show (or any indy show) helps put food on their table. It gives them a sense of purpose as they pursue a dream and it keeps you, the fan, entertained for a couple of hours at a pretty affordable cost ($10 for adults and $5 for kids).

Those are the general reasons to support indy wrestling. But for some specifics on tonight's show, look no further.

1. Jay Spade gets a second chance at winning his first singles championship in Stride Pro Wrestling. He and Roger Matheus will tangle in a best-two-out-three falls match. The two had an epic match last week in Pinckneyville. The rematch will be nothing short of amazing. What Spade lacks in size and power, he makes up in heart. Matheus has been the most dominant force in Stride. That vicious streak has only increased since winning the title in May. One man wants the gold, the other doesn't want to let it go. It's gonna be a fight for the ages for sure.

2. Tag team chaos will ensue. The defending Stride Pro Wrestling tag team champions Maximum Overdrive will face three worthy contenders. AT Brooks & Joey O'Riley, JD Wilk & Jose Magnifico and the DR Party will all get a shot. Here's the rub. Ax Allwardt & Scott Phoenix are managed by J. Wellington Beauregard. But so are the members of the DR Party. Who will J Wells choose? He's in a dilly of a pickle for sure.

3. It's always a fan-friendly experience. The men and women on the Stride Pro Wrestling roster spend time talking with fans before, during and after each show. Pics and autographs are always an option. And tonight we're celebrating Halloween. Come in costume and see what your favorite Stride star will be dressed like too.

Don't forget, doors open at 6 p.m. Bell time is 6:30. We're located near Dillard's at the Illinois Star Centre Mall in Marion. (Card subject to change.) 

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