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Boo Blog: Stride Pro Wrestling's Halloween Havoc

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Halloween Havoc is the one pay per view event I wish WWE would bring back. You'll hear more about that on Monday's My 1-BOO-3 Cents the podcast. But for today, I'm putting together the talent on the Stride Pro Wrestling roster to come up with a Halloween-themed event. Past stars are also part of my fantasy booking for this event.

Roger Matheus is brutal
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Roger Matheus defends the Stride Pro Wrestling Championship in a Monster's Ball match against Bull Bronson. These two are similar in size and would inflict a great deal of pain on each other. Matheus recently competed against Abyss in a Monster's Ball match and Bronson has won a Death Match tournament in the past.

Legacy Champion Tony Flood defends against Curly. These two had a feud brewing in the early days of Stride, but we never saw an end to the story. 

Ladder match for the number one contendership to the Legacy Championship: Arron Brooks vs. Jay Spade vs. Joey O'Riley vs. JD Wilk vs. Cash Borden vs. Brandon Espinosa vs. Jerry Travelstead. Air traffic control will need to be called in for this match.

Hatton vs. Eads
Courtesy: My 1-2-3 Cents
Heath Hatton takes on Daniel Eads in a Last Man Standing match. Two guys will great history too. I've had a chance to see them face each other before. Tons of potential with a match in front of Stride fans.

"Farmer" Billy Hills takes on former Impact Wrestling Champion "Cowboy" James Storm in a Texas Bullrope match. Storm was a special guest at a show earlier this year and is just the right person to knock some sense into Farmer.

Maximum Overdrive puts the Stride Pro Wrestling tag team titles up against Dexter Roswell and Brian Richards. Manager of both teams, J. Wellington Beauregard will be suspended above the ring in a shark cage.

Hargas vs. Daniels
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Red Daniels battles Chris Hargas in a best two out of three falls match. Fall one is a casket match. Fall two is a buried alive match and fall three, if needed is a Hell in a Cell match. Red and Chris have the best rivalry going today. That's why I made the match three different ones and yes, it would go to the third fall.

Sarah Summers takes on Marni Gras. 

"The Hitman" Jake Capone battles Frank Wyatt.

Jose Magnifico faces Nathan Bragg in a Pinata on a Pole match. The first man to bust the pinata over his opponent's head wins the match. 

Join us this Saturday, Nov. 4 for the next Stride Pro Wrestling event.  Your favorites will be on hand, including Hatton, Daniels and Matheus. 

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