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Boo Blog: Many faces of Ultimate Warrior

John Okerson from Team RWB honoring vets & the Ultimate Warrior
Courtesy: Cpar Photography
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It's hard to believe but 30 years ago this week the Ultimate Warrior made his debut on WWF television. I knew it was going to happen as back then our "spoilers" for such things happened in the form of the Apter magazines. The Dingo Warrior had left World Class Championship Wrestling where he was already a big name for the WWF. As is the case most of the time, the rocket of Superstardom was strapped on his back and the Ultimate Warrior became a mega Superstar.

Back then I'd still define myself as a Hulkamaniac, although I appreciated the intensity and the passion the Ultimate Warrior showed us. Even though I was a huge fan of the Honky Tonk Man, I admit I did mark out when Warrior surprised HTM and beat him for the Intercontinental Championship in 31 seconds at the first SummerSlam.

Monday Night Raw
April 7, 2014
I consider myself fortunate to not only witness Warrior be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in person but also his famous promo on Monday Night Raw that same weekend. Little did we know at the time of his passionate and heartfelt speech that it would be the last time we'd see him. I often wonder what role he'd have with the company today had we not lost him. But the memories keep us going and today I'm looking at a few Warrior fans who have honored the man through the years.

John Okerson rowing
Courtesy: John Okerson
Just recently a friend of mine, John Okerson, posted the above photo on Facebook. John is a veteran and the Chapter Captain of the Marion, Illinois chapter of Team Red, White, and Blue. Just like the Warrior, John has an energy about him that is contagious to others. He donned the makeup and a wig as part of a rowing competition for Team RWB. After he posted the pic, he explained Warrior was his favorite. Makes sense to me.
The Grand Wizard, Ultimate Warrior and Freddy Blassie
In 2013 while attending WWE Axxess during WrestleMania weekend in New Jersey, Chad and I found an Ultimate Warrior fan. We do cosplay each year we attend, but neither of us ventures into characters that show off too much body because we're a couple of doughy middle-aged guys. But as you can see this guy pulled off the act pretty well.

My tributes to Warrior
Last summer I did try it myself, donning Warrior paint and wig for an episode of Craftbeericans. I reviewed a craft beer called Top Rope IPA and did my best at paying homage to the man from Parts Unknown. Weeks after Warrior died I painted an Easter egg in his memory too. A couple winters ago I also made a mini-Warrior snowman. Share your Warrior memories and photos here. And remember, Always believe!

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