Thursday, July 13, 2017

Who (not Neidhart) is Kurt Angle involved with?

Angle & Graves
Courtesy: WWE
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Admittedly I've been half-assing my mainstream wrestling, ahem, sports entertainment following in recent weeks. I did, however, catch the most recent episode of Raw, which ended with Kurt Angle on the phone. He was involved in a very deep conversation with someone who has been presumably texting Corey Graves during Raw broadcasts. There's plenty of speculation about who is on the other end and in a few days, we'll allegedly find out who it is.

So here are my 1-2-3 cents on who this mystery "lover" could be. I put the word lover in quotes because the conversation ends with Kurt saying, "I love you." That's lead many to assume it's an affair that will come to light and ruin Angle's life. But it could be a family member, even a so-called love child for the Olympic Hero.

Kurt & Steph
Courtesy: WWE
I've seen plenty of names brought up for who this person could be. Most are speculating it's Stephanie McMahon. That's where my money is right now too. With rumors of a Kurt Angle-Triple H match coming up at SummerSlam it would make sense. Angle and Steph have a long history too. Part of me hopes it's not Steph because honestly, I've enjoyed the break. 

Angle & Dixie
Courtesy: TNA Impact Wrestling 
Dixie Carter's name has been mentioned a lot too. The former TNA owner was part of the recent Network special on Kurt. While I'm not opposed to seeing her on WWE programming, I'm not convinced it's her. Her character work on Impact was horrible, but maybe WWE has worked with her. A plus to it being her is she would be fresh for what many consider stale WWE programming.

Courtesy: WWE
Corey Graves has been put into the mix. I'm not against this idea either, but in my 1-2-3 cents, WWE won't do the angle justice. It's an interesting premise and would explain why he's been involved in the storyline. But I am not going to put any money on that idea. 

Vince, Kurt and Hunter
Courtesy: WWE
The child conspiracy theory has lead to Chad Gable of American Alpha. I've also seen a few people suggest Gable's partner Jason Jordan. Vince McMahon's name has been dropped as a father figure "I love you." So as you can see it can be anyone. There are all kinds of theories. As long as it's not Katie Vick or Claire Lynch, I'll be happy.

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