Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sami Zayn has a picture of me in his house

What a night
Courtesy: Brian Kelley

By Kevin Hunsperger
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Despite what some may think, the title of this blog is not #FakeNews. And in telling this story I realize I sound like a huge mark, but I couldn't resist. July 12 is Sami Zayn's birthday so I'm using it as an excuse to share the details of when I met his good friends El Generico, PAC (Neville), Colt Cabana and Matt Cross.

It was January 2012 and I was doing commentary for All American Pro Wrestling. It was our "super show" Main Event and I was also making my in-ring debut that night. Generico, PAC, Colt and M-Dogg were our guests that night and helped make the evening more memorable. Calling the match between Generico and PAC was surreal and I became a fan of both men instantly. 

After the show ended, our guests wanted to take a photo with my AAPW buddies Chris Hagstrom and Adam Testa. I was still buzzing from the match I'd had about 45 minutes earlier. I didn't think much of it when Brian Kelley from Missouri Wrestling Revival snapped the photo. But after he emailed it to me, it became one of my favorite wrestling pics ever taken. Then I heard this story...

A friend of mine (who I'm not sure if I should name, so I'm not going to) was a referee that night. He now works in Orlando and met Sami Zayn during WrestleMania weekend. Main Event was brought up in the conversation and Sami talked about how much fun he had that night and told my friend he has the abovementioned photo in his home. The story got relayed to me and of course, I popped like a bag of Orville Reddenbacher.

I know some WWE Superstars and Legends have read my blog before. Here's to hoping Sami reads this. Happy birthday man and please tell Generico I said "hola." It's been a long time.

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