Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Congratulations, it's a son

Father-son united
Courtesy: WWE
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The big payoff from the Kurt Angle 'love' angle has played out on Monday Night Raw. Despite lots of speculation of it being either Dixie Carter or Stephanie McMahon, WWE switched gears and revealed the secret is that Angle has a son. That son is former SmackDown Live tag team champion Jason Jordan.

I'm relieved that the surprise wasn't a love affair with Stephanie or Dixie. Honestly, I've enjoyed the break from Stephanie being on TV. And I'm not sure how a Dixie run on WWE TV would work, although I'm willing to give it a shot in some other storyline. 

Kane & Paul Bearer
Courtesy: WWE
Of course, this isn't the first time a wrestling storyline has involved a father-son duo that isn't actually father and son. Kane and Paul Bearer comes to mind. This angle worked for me as a fan. WWE did an excellent job telling the Undertaker's backstory and why Kane and Bearer both played a role in it. 

Hornswoggle & Finlay
Courtesy: WWE
The father-son relationship between Finlay and Hornswoggle was a bit less believable. I realize as I write this that may sound ridiculous that a 300-pound monster covered in red from head to toe is related to a portly man in white face paint and jet black hair is more believable than an Irishman being the father of a leprechaun, but hey it's my blog, right? I didn't hate the Finlay-Hornswoggle story (at least it was better than Vince McMahon being the daddy), but it wasn't one of my favorites.

Courtesy: WWE
In my 1-2-3 cents, the Angle-Jordan connection can be a great story. One of my first questions was 'why is Corey Graves involved?' He answered that during commentary, explaining he and Jordan were good friends in NXT and he wanted to help unite Jordan with his biological father. I did laugh when Booker T suggested Jordan being on Raw is a conflict of interest because the General Manager is his father. I instantly thought of the McMahon family, but I digress.

American Alpha
Courtesy: WWE
Even though I'm bummed American Alpha didn't get a long run on the main roster, I'm glad they didn't just split Jordan and Chad Gable and have them feud, especially since that's what's going on right now with Enzo and Big Cass. Jordan and Gable have great potential on their own and putting them on different rosters is a good idea right now. 

Only time will tell what's next in this angle (pun intended). I have to believe since Kurt made such a big deal out of the implications the announcement would have on his career that there's still more to come than just the hugs and handshakes we saw after the initial announcement.

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