Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Nerds rule! Eugene Drip gets a shot at glory

Here comes Eugene Drip
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
By Kevin Hunsperger
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Eugene Drip is a relative newcomer to Stride Pro Wrestling. He doesn't look like your typical wrestling Superstar. He wears thick glasses to the ring along with a bow tie and suspenders. He's usually so excited after slapping hands with the fans, he's winded and needs a hit or two from his inhaler. You might say he's a bit of a nerd, but I mean that with all the love and respect in the world. You don't make it as a wrestling fan for 35 years without being a bit nerdy yourself.

So close to the tag titles
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Despite his stature, Eugene has a heart the size of Andre the Giant. His determination and will to continue stepping through the ropes is nothing short of inspiring. Eugene put himself out there recently saying he wants to be considered for championship opportunities. At that time, then-number one contender (and now Stride Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion) ate Eugene alive in the ring. But he came back. He fought hard in a six-man tag team match in June and even earned a shot at the Stride Pro Wrestling tag team champions Ax Allwardt and Scott Phoenix (Maximum Overdrive). He and Jose Magnifico came up short that night, but again I saw a fire in Eugene that can't be extinguished.

Tony Flood
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Now when Stride Pro Wrestling returns to the Illinois Star Centre Mall on Saturday, July 8, Eugene will face off against the "Northern Saint" Tony Flood. Flood, of course, is the current Legacy Champion and I've been told by Stride General Manager Sam Hunter that the belt will be on the line. So despite having more Ls than Ws to his name, Eugene has impressed the front office with his work in the ring. Fans love him and it's apparent that has contributed to his string of luck in getting championship matches.

Flood is far from a fan favorite, but he is one of the most seasoned and accomplished wrestlers on the Stride roster. His manipulation of the Hunter along with "T-Dog" Jerry Travelstead put him in the spot he's in now as Legacy champ. One has to wonder what diabolical measures Flood will use when he meets the up and coming Eugene. We know Flood will do whatever it takes to win and keep his gold.

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