Friday, July 28, 2017

Foreign Object Friday: Skinner's tobacco

Courtesy: WWE

By Kevin Hunsperger
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In the mid-1980s Steve Keirn was a white meat baby face. He and Stan Lane teamed up as the Fabulous Ones. They were the personification of pretty boys, wearing suspenders and bowties to the ring. But Keirn's appearance changed in 1991 when he arrived in the World Wrestling Federation.

Steve Keirn on the left & Skinner
Courtesy: WWE
Gone were the long golden locks and Chippendale like ring attire. Keirn also had a change in name and attitude. He was a heel who wrestled alligators. Skinner wore a gator foot around his neck and always had a mouth full of chewing tobacco.

Skinner vs. Owen Hart
Courtesy: WWE
Many times that tobacco would get spit into the eyes of his opponents. Most famously perhaps was at WrestleMania VIII against Owen Hart. "The Rocket" was in the role of white meat babyface taking on the grizzled and bitter veteran. Owen of course over came the tobacco shot and won the match. Skinner, for the most part, became enhancement talent but also had matches against lower tiered competitors.

Keirn as Doink attacks Crush
Courtesy: WWE
Keirn also donned the makeup and clown hair to second Matt Bourne in the Doink gimmick. He even played a role in a previous Foreign Object Friday segment in which he whacked Crush over the head with a fake arm. Eventually, Keirn transitioned into a trainer for WWE. He's had an interesting career and playing Skinner was a memorable time and such a far cry from the Fabulous Ones' gimmick.


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