Thursday, March 31, 2016

MVPs of WrestleMania #1

By Kevin Hunsperger & Chad Smart
@kevinhunsperger, @chadsmart, @my123cents

I've enjoyed counting down the MVPs of WrestleMania.  It should come as no surprise that Chad and I have both picked the Undertaker as our number 1 MVP.  

The Streak starts...
Courtesy: WWE
Kevin's thoughts:  My senior year of high school (25 years ago) The Undertaker made his WrestleMania debut against the legendary "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka.  I expected 'Taker to win that encounter as he was an up and coming Superstar and Snuka was there to help put over those younger guys.  Then he beat Jake "The Snake" Roberts.  He missed WrestleMania 10, but soon won the WWF Championship by beating Sycho Sid at 'Mania 13.  From there on the Undertaker plowed through the competition beating everyone from the young upstarts like Randy Orton to the legends like Ric Flair and everyone in between.

The Streak ends
Courtesy: WWE

'Taker added gold twice more at WrestleMania events, beating Edge and Batista.  He bested Triple H three times, Kane twice as well as Shawn Michaels; retiring the iconic Superstar.  Then in 2014 something weird happened.  The Streak of 21 wins came to a screeching halt.  I've flip-flopped on whether I like the idea of Brock Lesnar ending one of the greatest records in the history of the company.  It definitely sent shockwaves around the world and picked up main stream press.

The Streak starst again
Courtesy: WWE
At WrestleMania 31 he beat Bray Wyatt, the Superstar I think should have ultimately ended the Streak and a new phenom could have been born.  This year it's Shane McMahon standing in the Dead Man's way.  If Vince McMahon has his way, Undertaker will be done at 'Mania if he doesn't beat the boss's son in the much anticipated Hell in a Cell match.  Win or loss, no one can deny the career of the Undertaker and how important he is to the WrestleMania brand.

Various 'Taker opponents
Courtesy: WWE

Chad's thoughts:  
Is there any other honest choice? Taker has wrestled on more WrestleManias than any other wrestler. “The Streak” helped add intrigue to WrestleMania over the last decade. Even with “the Streak” broken, Undertaker has probably one of the most anticipated matches coming up at WrestleMania Star. While I personally think Taker should have retired after WrestleMania XXX, there’s no denying his longevity has helped build the WrestleMania name. 

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