Monday, November 22, 2010

Survivor Series Hangover


So the 24th annual Survivor Series is officially in the books.  I did not watch the show, so therefore, I don't feel it fair for me to comment on the action of the matches.  But I will talk about the outcomes and what I think that means for the immediate future.

Let's start at the top.  Barrett vs. Orton did not end the way I figured it would.  I really expected a John Cena heel turn.  On one level the outcome makes me happy.  I really don't think Wade Barrett is ready to be WWE champion yet.  I do think he will be eventually though.  Another aspect, hopefully this means we won't get Cena vs. Orton at Wrestlemania now.

So where does this leave Cena?  Obviously, he isn't really "fired."  Although my friend Chad wondered if Dixie Carter had contacted Cena after the show last night.  Got a good laugh out of that one.  Will the WWE try to work some sort of old school angle where Cena returns under a mask?  Will the Raw GM override the stipulation?  Or will Cena go to Smackdown! defeat Kane for the world title and go on to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania?  I wouldn't be shocked by any of these scenarios.

Are Orton and Barrett over?  Who will be the next contender?  I like the idea of it being someone who hasn't been in the title picture before, but besides the Miz, who else (heel wise) is ready for that exposure on Raw?  Sheamus' last two title reigns were pretty lackluster though.  At this point, I feel like I'm over him.  At least for right now.  And no one else from the Nexus really stands out as being a title contender.  At least not yet.  Can we get a third consecutive Orton/Barrett match on PPV in December?

Over on the Smackdown! side just reading the results of the Edge-Kane match confused me.  I guess I'd have to see it to fully understand.  But I'm guessing since it ended in a "tie" that we're not finished with this program.

Natalya winning the Divas title surprised me.  I figured they'd play more of the hunter game with her instead of the hunted.  I like Natalya and I guess this victory really signifies the cutting of the ties with the Hart Dynasty.

The two secondary title matches went down as I figured they would, and from what I've read they were both pretty good matches.  Again, my friend Chad said the undercard was great.  It was the main events that were lacking.  Seems to be a trend these days.  I personally am looking forward to getting more guys like Daniel Bryan, the Miz, Kaval, etc into the world title picture.  Here's to hoping they develop some tag teams to give Justin Gabriel and Health Slater some competition.

With that being said, I hope John Morrison's victory over Sheamus puts him in contention for something other than saving Santino each week.  

The elimination match offered no surprises.  But you had some fresh talent in there that could have gone over, but didn't .  I figured Big Show would survive.  Was slightly surprised to see Rey at the end with him.  Maybe they'll form a tag team now.  (Just kidding)

Looks like we're just under a month before the next big event: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (oh my!)  It'll be interesting to see where things go from here.  I guess tonight we get some answers.  

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