Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Thoughts on Old School

Me being "old school" in 1996
Wow.  The WWE took us back in time last night and in my opinion did not disappoint.  The Old School Raw was one of the most entertaining shows the E has put together in some time.  Of course, as I've stated before, I'm a "fool for old school" so it didn't make much to impress me.

First, I really liked the fact that they dedicated 3 hours to the show.  The intro with the old Raw theme music was great.  Also really enjoyed the fact that they used the old WWF logo on the turnbuckles and the red, white, and blue ropes for the ring.

The little pre recorded messages in the box above the ring also sold the night.  The only thing I think I would have done differently is have Vince McMahon, Jesse Ventura, and Bruno Sammartino calling the action.  That would have been a great one to pull off, but I know with Bruno's bitterness, that would never happen.  I would have liked to seen at least one match with Jesse and Vince behind the mic.  Although I guess we got that a few months back when Jesse hosted Raw. 

Cole was fine in his role, but I felt at times like he was being overly critical of the product, which I guess is his new "character."  Then he'd try being funny and doing the Vince McMahon impressions.  I don't get it.  I did like that they had him in the old school jacket with the logo and the interview segments and "Update" with "Mean" Gene Okerlund.  The voiceover by "Lord" Alfred Hayes and the impersonator were classic too.    I thought having the Fink throughout the night was classy too.

I felt bad laughing at the jokes LayCool hit Mae Young with, but it was quite funny.  But of course you had to expect the other divas were going to come out.  Man, she smacked the crap out of Layla.  I wonder how that hand is doing that she delivered so many years ago.  Is it an arm yet?

Great to see JR back.  Didn't realize just how much I missed him until he came out and did commentary.  And it was a good match between Jack Swagger and Daniel Bryan.

Piper cut a really good promo during the Pit segment.  Made some good points about the guys who never held the belt.  Seemed like he was speaking from the heart and not trying to memorize a script.  I wonder if he was allowed to go off the cuff, or if they had his lines for him.

Introducing all the legends was great too.  Wish more could have been a part of the show.  Of course some are under contract with TNA, others just didn't want to come.  There were more on hand than I expected to see.  I'd really like to see the WWE do this at least once a year.  Someone suggested to me they do another one with a WCW theme after Wrestlemania 27 since they'll be in Atlanta.  Bring back guys like Lex Luger, the Steiners, and the Midnight Express. 

In closing, I wish they would have made some kind of Legends vs. Superstars Survivor Series match.  Or even one where they had legends teaming with superstars.  Oh well, maybe next year.

Long live the Old School!

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