Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No Puede Ver Conmigo

Cena vs. Legacy at a Cape Girardeau house show
 That title, in case you don't speak Spanish, translates to "You Can't See Me."  It's a phrase you'll likely be hearing in the coming weeks. 

That's because several websites are reporting the WWE is teasing Juan Cena, the cousin of John Cena at some of its upcoming house shows.

Will Juan borrow a mask from Rey Mysterio? 

This move does not surprise me at all.  I figured he'd come back as some sort of masked character.  But I don't necessarily think it's a good idea.  I don't want to judge the angle before it's executed.  But I think they could have taken a different route with it.

If they really wanted to sell the whole firing, the first thing they should have done is remove all references to John Cena from the WWE website.  I will give them credit for removing his bio from the Raw page.  But as soon as you log in there's a huge banner with Cena's picture, along with other superstars for the National Guard.  He's also front and center on the poster for the Royal Rumble.

After talking with my wrestling buddies, (no not my stuffed Ultimate Warrior and Million Dollar Man) the idea was floated that Cena should work some indy shows to sell the angle.  Imagine having the opportunity to see John Cena wrestle in some high school gym or armory. 

Of course, I don't know what's in the heads of the writers.  Who knows where this angle is headed?  Do the writers?  I say that will a little bit of humor.

What would the Midnight Rider and Yellow Dog think of all this? 

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