Monday, November 29, 2010

iAy Carumba!

Courtesy: the Bleacher Report
As you probably all know by know, Juan Cena has made his official WWE debut.  The Mexican cousin of former champ John Cena wrestled Wade Barrett and the Miz in a title match last night.

Not bad for a new comer to automatically getting in the world title hunt.  Of course I'm being sarcastic.
Unless you're living under a rock or you live under powerlines, you know Juan is in fact John.

The WWE could have gone through a little more thought with this gimmick in my opinion.  I watched some footage of last night's match.  Besides the purple mask, there's no difference between Juan and John.  I thought we'd get more than that.

One suggestion I heard was have him unmasked at some point to reveal Darren Young.  I don't think they can do that now since we've seen Juan's skin tone.  They should have had him in a full body suit, like the Consquistadors.  (Remember them?)

I also think they could have modified some of his move set.  In last night's match it was your typical Cena one-two attack.  The Miz ended up winning by pinning Wade Barrett.  But after the match, Cena does the Attitude Adjustment to Alex Riley and the Miz.  The fans seemed to enjoy it though.  Not sure what the millions and millions watching at home will think.  We'll wait and see.

I'm hoping there is no Juan tonight on Raw.  I really hope the focus is on the King of the Ring and not Cena.  He seems to overshadow things when he's around.

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