Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Evolution of Legacy

Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton @ Wrestlemania 26

I've talked before about the WWE's trend of ripping tag teams apart and replacing them with a couple of singles stars and then ripping them apart after they've had some success.  The tag team division in the WWE sucks, plain and simple.  This trend goes on with the company's stable groups too.  Already, they've reinvented Nexus a couple of times since it's introduction earlier this year.

One group that I had high hopes for was Legacy.  Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase, and Cody Rhodes made up this group of second and third generation superstars.  Their fathers, grandfathers, and even in DiBiase's case grandmother had all paved the way for them.  They were a group of young, cocky heels who thought they were better than everyone else based on their last names.  And I liked that about the group.  

With Randy Orton as the leader, I had hoped that DiBiase and Rhodes would be groomed into becoming major players in the WWE.  Since the group's final breakup in March, Rhodes and DiBiase haven't done much.  Let's look closer at how the three alums of this group are doing.  I won't bother updating you on Sim Snuka and Manu.  ( I actually had to do a search for Manu as I had forgotten his name)

Anyway, back to the point.

Randy Orton: Randy was already the go to guy in this group.  He was the main eventer and had held the world title six times prior to the formation of Legacy.  He has added another world title to his resume.  Orton is also probably the most popular guy on the roster now, or perhaps a close second behind John Cena.  I suspect after Survivor Series, that will change.  More on that in another post.  

Randy Orton after the 2010 Hall of Fame Ceremony
I don't dislike Randy Orton.  I know he gets a lot of criticism.  Overall, I'd say I'm pretty indifferent on him now.  A few years ago, I couldn't stand the guy.  I think I based a lot of that on the stuff I had read online about him.  Who knows if any of it is true.

That picture you're looking at was taken just after the 2010 Hall of Fame ceremony.  Because there was a backup on the bus, Randy was just standing there and fans were yelling at him.  I was in the front row and casually mentioned that I grew up in the town in Missouri in which he now lives, he responded to me.  It was a brief exchange, but something I found to be pretty cool.  My view of Randy changed considerably after that.  He seemed more human to me, and not some arrogant, obnoxious jock.  

Randy has done a lot in his young career, and I think it's safe to say he's got a bright future too.  I wish though that the WWE would have used him better as a mentor for his Legacy counterparts.

The DiBiase brothers at the 2010 HOF
Ted DiBiase: Another quick story.  Late last year I got a chance to interview Ted via satellite as he was doing the promotional tour for the Marine 2.  He's a good guy.  I enjoyed the interview, although it was pretty quick.  We stuck to the movie, but I was able to get some wrestling questions in too.

Of the 3 Legacy members, Ted is my favorite.  That my be in part because his dad was one of my favorites too.  

When I heard he was joining the WWE, I wondered if they'd distance him from the Million Dollar Man connection or not.  I liked how they billed him in Legacy.  I think he and Cody made a great tag team, despite their fathers' history with one another.  

But when Legacy broke up, Ted seemed lost.  I thought the whole passing of the Million $ Championship from father to son was kind of lame.  My bet is creative had no better ideas, so why not rely on a little history.  I'm glad they let him keep the DiBiase name though.  Yes Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty I'm looking at you...

I just don't buy into the Million $ gimmick with him.  While they could use some of his history, I wish they'd let him be more of his own "character".  He does good work I believe, but he's definitely not had a real opportunity to shine.  Here's to hoping that changes soon.

Cody vs. Mark Henry at a Cape Girardeau house show
Cody Rhodes:  The interesting thing about Cody is they seem to have gone in the complete opposite direction of his father, "the American Dream" Dusty Rhodes.  And that makes sense.  The two look nothing alike.  

Again, I liked Cody better in Priceless vs. his "dashing" gimmick now and his partnership with Drew McIntrye, which already seems to be headed south.  He makes a good heel though.  I'm glad they haven't made him Silverdust or something like that.  

It will take time, but I really think Cody will find his niche on the Smackdown roster too.  It seems like he is a little lost in the shuffle, but with many of the superstars getting older, getting hurt, and moving on Cody (and Ted) should be moving up the food chain.  

And it's not just Cody and Ted who seem to be in that mid card purgatory.  I think now the WWE has more guys than ever before who are ready to move up to that next level.  It's just a matter of the company coming up with creative and compelling ways to do it.  I say let's get it started, NOW.

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